Limited Warranty

RC Mowers Limited Warranty Information

RC Mowers warrants to the original purchaser that RC Mowers brand products will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the time period noted in the chart below. Equipment put to personal use around a single household or residence is considered “Residential Use.” Equipment put to any business use (agricultural, commercial, or industrial) or used at multiple locations is considered “Commercial Use.” If any product is rented or leased, then the duration of these warranties shall be 90 days after the date of purchase.

An authorized RC Mowers dealer will repair any defect in material or workmanship, and repair or replace any defective part, subject to the conditions, limitations and exclusions set forth herein. Such repair or replacement will be free of charge (labor and parts) to the original purchaser; except as noted below. Pick-up and delivery are at the owner’s expense.

Download the RCMowers Warranty Registration E-Form
Download the RCMowers Warranty Registration E-Form

RC Mowers Limited Warranty

44E 1 year 200 hours
48P 2 year 400 hours
52XP 2 year 400 hours
60XP 2 year 400 hours
72XP 2 year 400 hours
TK-44E 1 year 200 hours
TK-48P 2 year 400 hours
TK-52XP 2 year 400 hours
TK-60XP 2 year 400 hours

Warranty terms are total time periods covered. If any product is rented or leased, there are no extensions to the 90-day warranty.

Download the RCMowers Warranty
Download the RCMowers Warranty

Exclusions and Limitations

Warranty Term Exclusions

Air filters, brake arms, brake linings, brake shoes, brushes, cutters, fuel filters, headlights, knives, light bulbs, lubricants, mower blades, oil, oil filters, spark plugs, scraper blades, shear bolts, skid shoes and spoon tines. Components are not covered under warranty.

Warranty Term Limitations

Cloth, Plastic and Rubber Components. Mufflers, Tires, Belts and Cables, 2 Years Residential Use. No Commercial Warranty. Components are covered for manufacturer’s defect only, not wear.

Exclusions – Items Not Covered by This Warranty

  • Parts that are not genuine service parts are not covered by this warranty and may void the warranty if the parts result in premature wear or damage to the product.
  • Damages resulting from the installation or use of any part, accessory, or attachment which is not approved by the RC Mowers for use with product(s) identified herein are not covered by this warranty.
  • Any misuse, alteration, improper assembly, improper adjustment, neglect, or accident which requires repair is not covered by this warranty.
  • Repairs or adjustments required due to failure to use fresh fuel or failure to properly prepare the unit for periods of non-use.
  • Use of gasoline blends exceeding 5% ethanol voids any and all warranties.
  • Products are designed to the specifications in the area that the product was originally distributed. Different areas may have significantly different legal and design requirements. This warranty is limited to the requirements in the area in which the unit was originally distributed. Remote Control Mowers does not warrant this product to the requirements of any other area. Warranty service is limited to service within the area originally
  • In countries other than the United States and Canada, contact the RC Mowers dealer for warranty policies that govern within your country.

Rights may vary from country to country and within any one country. Evaporative Emissions Control Warranty Exception As required by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the evaporative emissions control system is warranted to the ultimate purchaser, and any subsequent owner, for two years. The CARB and EPA evaporative emissions control system warranty is described in a separate evaporative emission control warranty statement.

Obtain Warranty Service

To obtain warranty service, the original purchaser must:

  • Ensure that the maintenance and adjustments explained in the Operator’s Manual are routinely completed.
  • Promptly notify RC Mowers service representative of the need for warranty service.
  • Transport the product to and from the place of warranty service at owner’s expense.
  • Have the warranty service performed by an authorized RC Mowers service representative.

To find an authorized dealer visit our website: RCMowersUS.com


Kawasaki covered by the engine manufacturer’s warranty. Refer to the engine manufacturer’s warranty statements. Yamaha and Kohler engines are warranted by RC Mowers, LLC.


RC Mowers may from time to time change the design of its products. Nothing contained in this warranty shall be construed as obligating the RC Mowers to incorporate such design changes into previously manufactured products, nor shall such changes be construed as an admission that previous designs were defective. Limitation of Remedy and Damages RC Mowers liability under this warranty, and under any implied warranty that may exist, is limited to repair of any defect in workmanship, and repair or replacement of any defective part. RC Mowers shall not be liable for incidental, special, or consequential damages (including lost profits). Some states do not allow the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

Disclaimer of Further Warranty

RC Mowers makes no warranty, express or implied, other than what is expressly made in this warranty. If the law of your state provides that an implied warranty of merchantability, or an implied warranty of fitness for particular purpose, or any other implied warranty, applies to Remote Control Mowers, then any such implied warranty is limited to the duration of this warranty. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from region to region.

Download the RCMowers Warranty
Download the RCMowers Warranty
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