Things to Consider

Things to Consider When Buying a Mower

Selecting the Right Mower for the Job

Select A Mower Tool
Select A Mower Tool

Considering a few key items can place you at the helm of the most economical, efficient mower. Our sales team is ready to talk you through this, or we a have tool that can provide the best for mowers for your needs.

Slope:The angle or slope of the service area you maintain is probably one of the first and most important places to start when trying to select a mower. Do you know that measurement?

There are several apps available that make it easy for you to measure the slope using your own device. Our top picks include: Slope Angle (iOS) or Angle Meter (iOS or Google Play).

Application: How will your mower be used? Is it primarily for residential purposes, or is this for commercial applications? Additionally, how often you plan to mow should be a factor in determining the best mower for your needs.

Size of the Service Area:Considering the size, along with how long it will normally take you to service the area using your current equipment can help you hone in on a mower that will deliver results in an efficient timeframe.

Terrain:Describing the terrain accurately can be a guide in matching the mower’s capability with your needs. Whether the soil is firm or loose, flat or rocky, wet or dry, sandy, or clay, etc.  Also take into consideration how difficult it is to walk on the terrain you need to maintain.

Current Equipment:Whether you are seriously considering a new purchase or not, taking into account your current equipment is beneficial. What are your current using? What works for your needs? What doesn’t? What drove you here to look for an alternative solution?

Specific Cutting Deck Size: There may be a range of sizes that fit your needs, or there may be a specific cutting width that you must have. Regardless, this will help narrow down your choices and find the best fit.

Select a Mower Tool

To help you find the right RC Mower for the job, we have designed a series of questions to help with that process. Each question has specific criteria to help you narrow down your choices. At any time you can skip a question, or come back to it later.

Measure the angle of your slopes (in degrees). For the most accurate measurement, use one of the many angle measuring apps available for iOS/android devices. (Our top picks include: Slope Angle or Angle Meter.)

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Determine the terrain type most often encountered: rocky/smooth, firm/loose, wet/dry, or a combination of all.

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Please specify whether this will be primarily for commercial or residential application.

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What is the optimal cutting deck size for your application?

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Slope Angle
Terrain Type
Cutting Deck Size