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The RC Mowers remote control system features a rugged, commercial-grade handheld design that is easy to use. It includes a host of built-in safety features to allow precise and convenient operator control. This digital remote and receiver system is included on all RC Mowers models.


Inertia Safety Switch:  Excessive tilt or dropped remote automatically shuts down mower

Loss Signal Shut Down: Excessive distance or loss of signal automatically shuts down mower

Activation: Must press enable button to activate mower drive and cut functions

Safe Mode: After 10 seconds, enable times out and locks into “safe mode”

Low Start Speed: Always starts in low speed mode upon enable, regardless of switch position

PTO activation: PTO will not activate until enable mode is active. If PTO switch is on during enable, PTO won’t turn on until PTO switch is cycled off and on again


The RC Mowers remote control operates on a 2.4 GHZ digital remote control system and complies with ANSI and FCC standards.  It has a water resistant design that includes a neck strap and waist harness for operator comfort.  The rechargeable lithium ion battery provides up to 20 hours of run time with a short 1-hour charge time and AC & DC charging accessories.  On-board battery life, remote signal, and machine warning indicator lights are prominently displayed on the remote.  The remote has a range of 300 feet or greater.

In addition to the remote control safety features, each slope mower is built with a host of integrated safety features.

remote control slope mower with tracks
RC Mowers remote control
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To help you find the right RC Mower for the job, we have designed a series of questions to help with that process. Each question has specific criteria to help you narrow down your choices. At any time you can skip a question, or come back to it later.

Measure the angle of your slopes (in degrees). For the most accurate measurement, use one of the many angle measuring apps available for iOS/android devices. (Our top picks include: Slope Angle or Angle Meter.)

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