Frequently Asked Questions

Common RC Mower Brand Questions and Answers

Whether you are looking to troubleshoot an issue, get advice on best slope-mowing practices, or figure out which mower is right for you, we’re here to help. Here is a list of questions we’re frequently asked, with answers provided to assist you. Please reach out if you have any other inquiries.

Where are RC Mowers products manufactured?

All RC Mower products are manufactured and assembled at our national facility in Suamico, WI, USA.

Why would I want or need to invest in an Remote Control Lawn Mower?

RC Mowers products significantly increase safety, efficiency, and convenience while maintaining your embankments. In many cases, our mowers can ensure your company can adhere to OSHA standards when servicing steep embankments.  This can help to reduce potential workers comp claims as a result of common accidents associated with operating non slope enabled equipment on steep embankments.

Our Remote Control mowers can climb embankments far more effectively compared to a conventional Zero Turn Mower due to there traction ability, low center of gravity and given the fact there is no on board operator.  This will provide greater ability to service steeper slopes faster as well.  Last, regardless if you looking to service steep embankments or less aggressive rolling hills, RC Mowers offers an assortment of Remote Control Mowers that offer the flexibility to mow from a fixed position, taking the operator off the mower during long extended use times. This is very convenient, especially in situations where having to sit on the mower is less than desirable

Why is it necessary for me to measure my embankment before investing in an RC Mower?

Measuring your embankment will help determine the best type of drive system for your application. This will enable you to leverage the best type of mower for your specific application, and will undoubtedly provide you with the best user experience possible.

We advise downloading one of the many available angle measurement apps for your iOS/android device. Examples include “Slope Angle” or “Angle Meter.”

What other factors should I be considering in addition to the angle measurement of my service area when evaluating what model is best for my needs?

Specifying Commercial or Residential application, frequency of anticipated use, type of terrain, current equipment used to maintain (if any), and range of desired cutting deck sizes are a few additional items to consider.

The good news is our product specialists are trained to explore your needs by asking questions and are prepared to walk you through the process ensuring you are set up with the right model for your specific service application.

How do I order an RC Mower?

Click on the “Request a Quote” button on our site, complete the contact form, and one of our product specialists will get in touch with you to explore your needs and advise the best model for your application

Who makes the engines and transmissions for RC Mowers products?

We currently leverage various models of Yamaha & Kawasaki engines, as well as Hydro Gear Transmissions depending on the specific type of commercial or residential model requirements. In addition to best in class performance and reliability, these manufactures provide an extensive service parts network, enabling you to obtain replacement items faster at your local Zero Turn Mower dealership.

Where can I obtain basic service items and parts?

We pride ourselves on leveraging many standard and widely available serviceable parts, including filters, blades, belts, wheels/tires (wheeled models only), battery, oils, fluids, and grease found or designed for other common Zero Turn mowers, ensuring faster and easier service. The majority of these items are available at your local Zero Turn Mower dealership. Our electronics components, including remote and receiver, are available for replacement directly through us.

Do you offer a Diesel or electric engine option?

All of our engines featured in our current models are conventional gasoline powered. If you are interested in alternative engine types, please let us know! We welcome your feedback and will take into consideration for future model designs and builds!

How long are lead times once I place my order?

Shipment Lead times vary based on the time of year and the product being ordered. Peak season/May through September, shipment lead times range 6-8 weeks. Off Peak Season shipment lead times range from 4-6 weeks. Your product specialist will advise you accordingly.

Select a Mower Tool

To help you find the right RC Mower for the job, we have designed a series of questions to help with that process. Each question has specific criteria to help you narrow down your choices. At any time you can skip a question, or come back to it later.

Measure the angle of your slopes (in degrees). For the most accurate measurement, use one of the many angle measuring apps available for iOS/android devices. (Our top picks include: Slope Angle or Angle Meter.)

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Determine the terrain type most often encountered: rocky/smooth, firm/loose, wet/dry, or a combination of all.

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Please specify whether this will be primarily for commercial or residential application.

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What is the optimal cutting deck size for your application?

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Terrain Type
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