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Remote Control Robotic Slope Mowers

RC Mowers designs and manufactures all of our Remote Controlled Robotic Mowers in Suamico, Wisconsin.

What started as a simple idea to make a single job safer – mowing dangerous, steep slopes – has quickly evolved to a line of all-terrain units with a multitude of capabilities, in multiple environments, across a number of industries.

Staying true to our foundational principals of Safety, Efficiency, and Performance, RC Mowers is always keeping an eye on the future. We look forward to the expansion of our vision as we continue to build the RC family with dealers and customers and applications all around the country!

Select a Mower Tool

To help you find the right RC Mower for the job, we have designed a series of questions to help with that process. Each question has specific criteria to help you narrow down your choices. At any time you can skip a question, or come back to it later.

Measure the angle of your slopes (in degrees). For the most accurate measurement, use one of the many angle measuring apps available for iOS/android devices. (Our top picks include: Slope Angle or Angle Meter.)

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Determine the terrain type most often encountered: rocky/smooth, firm/loose, wet/dry, or a combination of all.

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Please specify whether this will be primarily for commercial or residential application.

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What is the optimal cutting deck size for your application?

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Slope Angle
Terrain Type
Cutting Deck Size